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Build Your Commission-Only Appointment Setting Team In 14 Days Or Less That Books More Calls Than You Are Now.

For B2B Businesses Only


Businesses Served


Leads Generated


Average Client Satisfaction Score

Guaranteed Increase In Daily Conversations And Opportunities

For everyone we worked with, we have increased the number of daily conversations and the average number of appointments booked 100% of the time.

Regardless of what numbers you're hitting now, a decision to work with us is a guaranteed increase in those metrics.

Our highest appointment booking rate has been 9.2% (the industry standard is 1-3%). That's 9 appointments booked for every 100 people reached out to. We can get you there as long as you have a solid offer.


Are You Experiencing Any Of The Following?  

Revenue Rollercoaster

It’s time to stop setting revenue goals and not hitting them.

Unpredictable cashflow makes it incredibly difficult to scale your business, hire key players and build a brand.

Inconsistent Client Acquisition

It’s never good when you have to play a guessing game each month when it comes to client acquisition.

1 Channel + 1 Good Offer =
$1M Per Year.

A Good, But Not Great, Offer  

It’s easy to sign on a handful of clients, anyone can do it.
In order for outbound to work, you need to create an offer “people feel stupid saying no to.”

  Let us help you craft an irresistible offer based on what you’ve already built.

Are You Experiencing Any Of The Following?  

Revenue Rollercoaster

It’s time to stop setting revenue goals and not hitting them. Unpredictable cash flow makes it incredibly difficult to scale your business, hire key players and build a brand.

Inconsistent Client

Acquisition It’s never good when you have to play a guessing game each month when it comes to client acquisition. 1 Channel + 1 Good Offer = $1M Per Year.

A Good, But Not Great, Offer  

It’s easy to sing on a handful of clients, anyone can do it. It’s time to play in the big leagues. If you want to start doing $250k, $500k or even $1M/ per month, you need to create an offer “people feel stupid saying no to.”   Let us help you craft an irresistible offer based on what you’ve already built.

How It Works


Jump on a 1-Hour call with our team members so we can learn more about your ideal customer, sales process, marketing and fulfillment.

Custom Messaging

After being onboarded, your copy will be written by world class copy-writers.  We apply over 12 years of copy writing experience to this process. We optimize for qualified appointments.

Backend Systems

Our operations team will take care of setting up 100% of your backend systems, integrations and  operations to make sure the system is installed effectively and efficiently.


We’ll help install a management specialist who will mange the entire outbound system.

1:1 Support M-F

You and your team members will be placed into a private slack channel with our team to ensure prompt and private support.

Hiring Funnel

We’ll help you source and hire world class talent to build your own in-house commission-only outbound team.


We're Not An Advertising Agency Or Lead Generation Course

Think of us as non-equity partners in your business. With over 12 years of outbound experience, we take everything we’ve learned over the years and apply it to your business.

Your goals become our goals, your challenges become our challenges, and our job is to solve those challenges using our proven military-grade process.

Everything you need is a Slack message away.


Boost Profit With Our Proprietary  Approach

‍The goal is to help your business talk to as many ideal clients as possible each and every month.

Our philosophy is simple; The amount of money you make directly correlates to how many people you ask to buy your product and services.

Keeping that in mind, we will help you scale your monthly outbound conversations to 15,000-30,000 businesses each month (Provided that your TAM is large enough).

What Are Your Other Options?

We offer much faster results and a higher likelihood of success.

Full Time Hire
Marketing Agency
Coaching Program
Average Time To Launch
14 Days
6-12 Weeks
4-6 Weeks
4-6 Weeks
Customized, Hybrid Solution
1:1, M-F Support
Exclusive Community
Failure Rate
Very Low
Very High
360° Business Integration


Too Good To Be True?

Check Out Some Of The Latest Wins From Our Best Clients


All testimonials on this page are from real clients. The results you see on this page are not typical. Their experiences do not guarantee similar results. Individual results may vary based on your skills, experience, motivation, as well as other unforeseen factors. The Company has yet to perform studies of the results of its typical clients. Your results may vary.

Gilberto Rosas - Maverick Media Lab.

From 15K Per Month To 83K Per Month In Under 90 Days

The Results:

After the onboarding call, we discovered that Gilberto's backend system wasn't designed to support a team just yet. Before building his appointment setting team, we helped him create his backend systems for communication, helped with integrations and then handed over our in-house manuals for him to customize and make his own.

A week later, Gilberto had a team of 5 SOLID setters, one of whom booked 12 calls in his first week!

Gilberto collected over $155,000 USD cash in 30 days


Damiano Raveenthiran - StartUp Slang

Went from $25k-$30k to over $150k per Month Using $0 On Paid Ads

The Results:

We helped Damiano create his SOP's modelled after our process, helped him hire + train his entire appointment setting team and now they're booking 10+ calls per week PER SETTER, consistently!

One of the setters brought in $90k in new deals in one month!

Damiano has been extremely happy with our service and results and has referred us 7 figure clients!


Duncan So - The Burnout Clinic (14,000 Customers)

16 calls booked within 24 hours


Brian Greenberg BJG Pool Service Marketing

Added 38 Calls In First 4 weeks On Just One Channel


+ Over 500 MORE

Build an Acquisition System

Learn How to Arbitrage Human Attention by Leveraging Platform Inefficiencies​

Produce Lead Generating Sales Assets

Create Lead Generation Systems that Work Autonomously

Learn to Build an Automated Cold Email System

Learn How to Produce & Formulate Cold Email Scripts that Lead to Real Revenue

Learn How to Automate Your Outbound Marketing

Use AI to Automate the Production of Content

Using AI to Achieve 5x-10x Cold Outbound Results Against Your Competitors

Tailored Strategy Sessions

In-Depth Case Studies of Other Successful Clients

Competitor Analysis Techniques

Access to a Network of Peers and Mentors

Hands-On Workshops with Outside Leaders & Successful Business Owners

Access to Software, Included In Your Membership

Long Term Growth Planning

Done-For-You Cold Email Script Writing

Accountability Metrics

Build a Scaling System

Build a Client Retention System​​​

​Build an Automation System​​

Build an Upsell System

Build an Advertising System

Build a Hiring & Workflow System

​Build a Personal Branding System

​Build a Company Brain that Tracks all Metrics

​Build a Financial Management System

Sustainable Growth Modeling

Offer Expansion & Long Term Strategic Building

Leadership Development

Scaling Company Culture

Market Expansion Techniques

Scaling Customer Support & Service


From: Sahil Sharma, Founder, CEO

Re: Why you should consider us...

Excellent question, you should be skeptical. The online industry is riddled with companies that make grand promises but fall short 99.99% of the time.

It’s incredibly easy to create an online persona that makes any business look like they’re an industry leader, which is precisely why many fall into the trap of believing that what they're considering is the optimal choice for them.

Here’s what is incredibly hard to do tho:

  • work with 500+ entrepreneurs,
  • Speak at a dozen masterminds
  • spend millions of dollars of your own money on learning best practices and strategies from the world's BEST,
  • have your clients renew, refer, and ascend because they're seeing so much success,
  • build a team of 12+ A-Players who are on the same mission,
  • Practice what you preach and generate over $300M worth of leads using OUTBOUND.  

You get that when you work with us at ClickTeams.io.

We "drink our own champagne" and tirelessly work to refine and elevate our products and services.

Our aim is clear: to rise to the top as the global leader in outbound client acquisition. This continuous process of iteration and improvement is our pathway to success.

I'm extremely proud of our products and team, and the way we work with our clients.

Our commitment to perfecting the client success process is unparalleled. Every step in our shared path is thoroughly planned and executed, striving to provide the most optimal experience for our clients.

We aspire to do more than just achieve outcomes; our mission is to make the entire journey a delightful experience for you. We would be sincerely appreciative if you considered joining forces with us, allowing our expertise to amplify your business, increase your earnings, and enhance your impact, all while you relish the rewards of your efforts.

Until then...

To Your Success,

Sahil Sharma

Founder, CEO, ClickTeams.io

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Meet The Team

Founder, CEO

Sahil has generated over $300M worth of leads in  29 months for his own businesses.

He's worked with clients featured in Forbes, 2 and 3 comma award club members and has been apart of sales teams which have generated over $2B in annual sales.

With  12 years of outbound experience, Sahil is here to help you hit your goals in the shortest time span possible.

Impact > Income

Sr. Partner, COO

Jacob started his sales career back in 2014 as a real estate agent for Royal LePage in Toronto Ontario.

In 2020 when Covid came knocking, Jacob pivoted to the world of remote sales and started work at ClickTeams.io as an appointment setter. Within a short 8-9months Jacob was able to close 100’s thousands + worth revenue for the business.

This lead to a promotion where Jacob earned the title, VP of Sales. Jacob is an expert and outbound outreaches, sales (face to face or online), managing teams and building out infrastructure for business’s.

Having now been part of ClickTeams for over 3 years, Jacob is ready to help any business with their outreach, sales or infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work For Me?

For coaches, consultants, agency owners, or online service providers (IT offers, remote book keeping, MSP) earning a minimum of $5,000/month and offering products or services priced at $2,000 or above, there's a high likelihood that our services can be beneficial to you.

If you have doubts even after reviewing the overwhelming evidence presented on this page, we encourage you to schedule a call with our team.

This will allow us to address your queries directly and share case studies that are most relevant to you.

Although we cannot promise to escalate your business without facing any hurdles (such is the nature of entrepreneurship), we are committed to exerting every effort to streamline this journey for you.

Is This Just Another Coaching Program?

This isn't merely another coaching program.

While coaching programs can be beneficial for those at the beginning of their journey, our clientele has progressed beyond that stage. We're offering you access to a proven system and we'll assist in implementing this system within your business.

You'll gain access to a private Slack channel where our team will be available to answer your questions, provide assets, and help optimize your campaigns.

Our experts take on the bulk of the work for you, including the creation and structuring of the sales system, crafting video sales letters, advertising copy, and foundational assets, as well as setting up and testing advertising campaigns before launch.

This approach minimizes the time you'll spend on watching course videos or participating in lengthy group coaching sessions, allowing you to focus on actionable tasks.

How Much Time Do I Have To Commit?

The extent of your involvement largely hinges on your current position.

As mentioned before, we handle the most time-consuming aspects, such as writing ad copy, editing videos, and structuring funnels.

Having developed over 500 marketing systems, we understand what is essential and what merely adds value.

However, this collaboration requires input from both sides; your insight is crucial in areas where our knowledge of your business might initially fall short. The majority of the effort is concentrated at the beginning.

This means you'll need to dedicate more time upfront, but after the system is up and running, it should take less than an hour a day to maintain. In summary, while some time investment from you is necessary, it's designed to be as minimal as possible to begin filling your schedule with qualified sales appointments.

What Makes You Guys Different Than Everyone Else?

Indeed, it may seem like others have simply replicated our approach.

However, in all seriousness, we've been at the forefront of creating marketing systems since 2019, well before many in the field were even familiar with the concept of a funnel.

Our track record boasts over 500 documented successes with clients, complemented by hundreds of video endorsements, numerous case studies, and over a hundred reviews from independent third parties.

When your preferred guru or influencer seeks to elevate their business to the next level (or to simply emulate our strategies for their gain), they turn to us. You might even find their glowing endorsement of our work on this page.

What If I'm Not Happy

Choosing happiness is within your control; however, ensuring your happiness is not something we can do directly. If your concern revolves around potential lack of results, let's address that more straightforwardly.

Typically, our clients see their complete marketing system operational and live within 22 days of joining us.

As mentioned before, we have fine-tuned our process to such an extent that we can establish a comprehensive marketing system in just a few weeks — think of us as the marketing equivalent of a pit crew.

This efficiency is intentional, recognizing that our initial attempts might not always yield perfect results. We aim to leave ample room for adjustments and improvements.

Our approach is informed by our vast experience, having assisted over 500 businesses, launched countless marketing campaigns, and invested millions in advertisements.

We use this deep well of knowledge, alongside your unique value proposition, to significantly increase the chances of achieving optimal results swiftly.

Still, the nature of business often demands iterative refinement to hone our tactics. While we can't assure the immediate success of the first campaign, we are committed to persistently refining our strategy until we achieve the desired outcomes.

Entrepreneurship inherently involves risk and uncertainty. If you're seeking guaranteed stability, entrepreneurship might not be the ideal path(though this is not financial advice).

How Much Does It Cost?

If your budget is set at $997, you may need to consider other options.

While concerns about cost are valid, if your priority is finding the lowest-priced service, we're likely not the right fit for you.

Our approach involves substantial investment in our clients, hosting in-person events, and maintaining a world-class team to ensure we remain leaders in our field.

However, it's important to note that despite these investments, our services are still significantly more cost-effective than attempting to replicate our system independently—by a factor of 1/100th.

We offer a variety of packages tailored to meet different needs and stages of business growth. We recommend scheduling a call to explore which option might be best for you.

How Do We Communicate?

Most of our communication will be through a private Slack channel and on one-on-one calls. We do offer additional modalities of support to supplement this.


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